White Noise, Black Phone and every new movie you can watch at home

Happy New Year, Polygon Readers! After the flurry of new movies coming home for the Christmas season, we’re in a bit of a slower season of new home movie releases.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see! Noah Baumbach (Marriage story) has a new movie out – his adaptation of Don DeLillo’s White noise finds its way to Netflix. There are new documentaries on Prime Video and HBO Max, and the horror film Scott Derrickson The black phonestarring Ethan Hawke, also finds its way to Prime Video.

Let’s get into it!


White noise

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Adam Driver with a full shopping cart next to an aisle of tortilla chips, talking to Greta Gerwig and Don Cheadle in White Noise.

Photo: Wilson Webb/Netflix

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 2h 15m
Director: Noah Baumbach
Cast: Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Don Cheadle

Noah Baumbach is adapting Don DeLillo’s famed postmodern novel for Netflix, featuring an all-star cast that includes his partner Greta Gerwig (with whom he will be starring in the upcoming Barbie), Adam Driver and AndrĂ© Benjamin. It is Baumbach’s first time directing a full-length feature film adaptation of someone else’s writing.

From our review:

Perhaps the thing that irks DeLillo purists most about Baumbach’s film is perhaps the thing that makes it the most fun for everyone to watch: it’s fun. It’s a messy movie that can’t quite find the thread to grasp DeLillo’s vision or the reality of its characters – especially during the mind-boggling final third, after the Airborne Toxic Event fades and Jack becomes obsessed with Babette’s place in some kind of pharmaceutical business. plot. But it’s made with humor and infectious flavor. Baumbach lashes out to laugh and startle, often with success, splashing onto the screen with bright colors and movement. Under the credits, he stages a dance number in the supermarket aisles that DeLillo and his pretentious characters imagine as the modern American church. Is Baumbach still making a point, or is he just cutting loose? The latter, I suspect, and more power to him. He took the money from Netflix and ran away.

Stuck with you

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

An aerial view of a couple lying side by side on the floor in an elevator in Stuck with You.

Image: Netflix

Genre: Romantic comedy
Duration: 59m
Director: Frank Belocq
Cast: Kev Adams, Camille Lellouche

Two people get stuck in an elevator on their way to a New Year’s Eve party and bond in this short French rom-com.

Prime video

wild cat

A young man in a backwards hat and hoodie is lounging in the trees with a baby ocelot in Wildcat.

Image: Prime Video

Where to watch: Available to stream on Prime Video

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 1h 45m
Director: Melissa Lesh, Trevor Beck Frost
Cast: N/A

wild cat follows a young soldier back from war who travels to the Amazon rainforest and bonds with a scientist and an orphaned ocelot.

The black telephone

Where to watch: Available to stream on Prime Video

Ethan Hawke in his demon mask as the serial child killer The Grabber in The Black Phone

Image: Universal Pictures

Genre: Horror
Duration: 1h 33m
Director: Scott Derickson
Cast: Bricklayer Thames, Ethan Hawke

This isn’t it The Black Phones streaming debut – the Ethan Hawke-led horror first landed on Peacock a few months ago. But with a switch to Prime Video, there are many more people who can watch The black telephone now. Whether that’s a good thing is up to you!

From our review:

Beyond the sense of morbid inevitability, however, The black phone it’s a mess. The main issue is the performances, which range from the puzzling to the downright horrifying. Jeremy Davies is especially badass as Finney and Gwen’s drunken father, whose slurring and screaming doesn’t register as truly pathetic or threatening. Hawke is also too all over the place to read as believably frightening: when we first see The Grabber, his face is painted white and he speaks in a high-pitched voice reminiscent of Atlantafrom Teddy Perkins. Weird, right? What is he trying to mean, and how does that fit into his psychosis? Never mind – that’s the first and last time character details pop up in the movie.

HBO max

This place rules

Where to watch: Available to stream on HBO Max

Andrew Callaghan interviews a small child with a megaphone, surrounded by protesters, in This Place Rules

Image: WarnerMedia

Genre: Documentary
Duration: Unknown
Director: Andrew Callaghan
Cast: Andrew Callaghan

Produced by Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim and Jonah Hill, among others, in association with A24, this documentary follows “gonzo journalist” Andrew Callaghan as he documents the events leading up to Capitol Riot on January 6.



Where to watch: Available to stream on Shudder

Soldiers silhouetted against the night sky in Burial.

Image: Shiver

Genre: Thriller
Duration: 1h 35m
Director: Ben Parker
Cast: Tom Felton, Harriet Walter, Charlotte Vega

Tom Felton stars in this thriller about a group of soldiers who bring Hitler’s dead body from Germany to Russia and are ambushed by Nazi soldiers.

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