Mark Davis drove Raiders’ Derek Carr decision?

the robbers Derek Karr decision has become this week’s main NFL storyline, and it creates an interesting trading market for a player who has been loosely involved in trade rumors for years. It may not have been Josh McDanielsdecision to go in this direction. At least not now.

McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler met on Monday and Tuesday nights to discuss their quarterback plan, and while benching was mentioned as a possibility, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur believes it likely that McDaniels and Ziegler planned to keep Carr as the team’s starter to to close out the season. Mark Davis seems to have played a role in the decision that led to Jarrett Stidham it is announced that the starter and Carr are leaving the team for the time being, adds Tafur (subscription required).

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Carr has played for four six Raiders HCs, including interims Tony Spareno and Rich Bisaccia, during his nine-year career. The GM that drafted Carr, Reggie McKenzie, renewed him during the 2017 off-season for $25 million per year. While the Jon Gruden period brought steady trade rumours, the Raiders stuck with their starter. Carr became the longest-serving QB in Raiders history and now holds the team’s all-time records – by a significant margin.

McDaniels and Ziegler renewed him this year, albeit with the much-discussed February breakout hatch, but in interviews with the ex-Patriots duo and other GMs this offseason, oddly enough, the Raider interviewers who discussed Carr didn’t come across in a positive light. to stand. Coaching and GM candidates were surprised to hear the Carr ratings from Raiders officials during the interviews, according to Tafur, who adds that Davis was lukewarm on the starter for a long time. Davis and former Raiders VP of player personnel Ken Herock led the search for coach-GM this year, and the owner eventually had McDaniels and Ziegler call Carr.

The Raiders’ new power brokers agreed to a half-bar extension — a three-year, $121.4 million deal that includes the out three days after Super Bowl LVII — and it looks like the parties will try to take advantage of the narrow trading window. They will investigate this nevertheless Davante Adams looking for a trade to Las Vegas to reunite with Carr. If Carr goes, it will be interesting to see how Adams Vegas’ future unfolds.

The Raiders taking the opportunity to earn the $40.4 million bonus — Carr’s full 2023 base salary and $7.5 million of his 2024 base salary — another team’s responsibility would barely give them $5 million. cost money dead. That’s a fairly low amount associated with trading a quality starter less than a year after the extension ink dried, but Carr agreed to the terms and landed a no-trade clause. That will protect the three-time Pro Bowler, who should have options once trade talks begin.

Davis was in place as owner of the team when McKenzie drafted Carr 36th overall in 2014, and after several post-Rich Gannon After organizational failures, Carr provided stability—albeit without giving his team a top-tier option below center—and durability. He’s only missed two games in the regular season, but it looks like the owner is ready to move on. Carr’s inability to lead a wild card round tie against the Bengals last season gnawed at Davis, according to Tafur, despite the quarterback racking up four consecutive victories to help Bisaccia become the rare interim coach to take his team to led the playoffs. Bisaccia got attention for the full-time gig, but Davis passed and led the longtime special teams coach to Green Bay.

Carr remains a Raider in part because Gruden retired from the Tom Brady car chase two years ago, which led to a colorful Brady talk about: Carr. Gruden thought Brady was too old at the time, Tafur added. Brady was preparing for his 43-year season at the time, and although the Raiders joined other teams by being tied to the legendary signal caller, he ultimately chose between the Buccaneers and the Chargers. It’s not certain the Raiders would have beaten the Bucs for Brady’s services, but with McDaniels now running the show, you’ll need to find Brady – for a 46-year season he’s not a lock to chase – to reconnect with the Raiders. .

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