[BREAKING] ‘Dispatch’ reports that actor Lee Jong Suk and singer IU enjoyed Christmas together in Japan

According to media outlet ‘Dispatch’, actor Lee Jong Suk (33) and singer/actress IU (29) spent Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan on December 31.

The person mentioned by Lee Jong Suk during his ‘Daesang’ speech at the ‘2022 MBC Drama Awards’, the person who had no name but whom the actor said he “dearly loved and respected”turned out to be IU according to ‘Dispatch’.

On December 20, Lee Jong Suk headed to Osaka, Japan to attend his own fan meeting.

Then, on December 24, IU left for Nagoya, Japan with her younger brother. After arriving at Nagoya airport, IU and her brother headed for the city’s most luxurious hotel and resort, the ‘Aman Nemu‘.

‘Dispatch’ alleges that Lee Jong Suk personally arranged the trip, booked the resort himself, and personally booked a pick-up escort for IU and her brother, without the help or intervention of his manager. An insider allegedly told Dispatch: “Lee Jong Suk personally booked the hotel and pick-up guide.”

After finishing his fan meeting in Osaka, Lee Jong Suk flew to Tokyo on December 23. From there he left for Nagoya on December 24. On December 26, he flew to Tokyo again, from where he took his flight back to Tokyo. Seoul on December 27. ‘Dispatch’ claims the actor spent 7 days arranging the perfect, low-key vacation for him and IU away from the eyes of the public.

The insider from Lee Jong Suk’s side further stated: “The families of the two parties are already very aware of their relationship. IU sang the congratulatory song for Lee Jong Suk’s sister at her wedding, and Lee Jong Suk personally invited IU’s younger brother to Nagoya.”

Despite their different itineraries, ‘Dispatch’ claimed that Lee Jong Suk and IU were “recognizably a couple” upon careful observation, wearing “pair of sunglasses” and “pair of bags”.

Finally the insider told, “The two went stable about 4 months ago.”

Thanks to Lee Jong Suk’s strategic planning, IU and her brother enjoyed their stay at Nagoya’s ‘Aman Nemu’ for four nights and three days before returning to Seoul on the morning of December 27.

Lee Jong Suk was able to quietly join them for two nights and three days before returning to Seoul via Tokyo.

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